hey you! comment this post and get your dream head come true! ♡
you can ask for custom swordscustom heads and custom bodies (i can only edit the color).
follow the rules below!

if you’re searching for a head, be sure to:

  • tell me the color of the hair and of the eyes (heterochromia now available)
  • tell me if you want to add blush or not
  • tell me if you want short or long hair
  • tell me if you want bracelets

if you’re searching for a sword, be sure to:

  • tell me what color you want the sword to be
  • tell me what color you want the blade to be

i only accept female bodies customs and i’m only able to change the color of a basic type of dress, as seen in this outfit, tap here to check the outfit.
if you’re searching for a body, be sure to:

  • tell me what color you want the dress to be

these requests are totally free so everyone can get what they’re searching for. don’t waste your time here if you want to steal limited items i’m giving to you. thank you everyone!  ♡

emma  ♡






Customs here are made by emma (me).
Feel free to upload (in-game), edit and recolor as you like what I post here.

However, In terms of editing, please do not put your watermark on the customs and DO NOT POST recolored, minor edited customs (taking a part of the custom and combining it to another edit) on to another site.
When the edited customs look nothing like the original, then you can put your watermark on it.
Otherwise, please do not delete the signs (url&name) or watermarks from the original customs.




welcome to my gfx blog! you can easily found cute avalonia online heads, bodies and stuff like words and even pets. i’m not able to edit pets tho i think i’m not going to post them. you can find updated items on my weebly website, visit it by clicking here.

  • customs – you can find all of the customs i’ve published here.
  • rules – read this post before using/saving ANY of my f2u items.
  • weebly website – visit this weebly website to send your requests and visit my personal blog area.
  • requests – read this post and comment to request an item including heads, bodies and swords for free.

enjoy and have fun!


happy new year!


I’ve been really busy lately and couldn’t make any head or body for you guys 😦 but I am back and happy! I’m here to tell you guys that I’m full of ideas and ready to show them all to you. Hope you like my creations! Remember to check the rules by clicking here and remember that you can always ask me for a personal free head in the requests ! Thank you!

sword pack


i just made some swords out of a basic template, hope you like them! oh and check my latest post, you can request your own items and i’ll create your dream item! while waiting, use these fancy swords, yash. before uploading please read the rules by clicking here, thanks! ♡

sword 6  sword 5  sword 1

emma  ♡

glowing halo hat


some of you guys asked for halos, i’ve seen them before on Avalonia forums but unfortunately can’t find them anymore, so i just made them again using an iDave reference to make hats. here, you can use a red halo, a white halo and a black halo, and they’re glowing! hope you like them. before saving, sharing and uploading please read the rules by clicking here. thanks! ♡ (the white halo is in the middle, it looks invisible lmao).

hat 4  hat 5  hat 6